Annexio Company Overview

Annexio Company Overview

We are a regulated online gaming company based in the Isle of Man, in 2013 we were named the fastest growing gaming company on the island! Annexio boasts one of the world’s leading lottery syndicate platforms, offering B2B partners life changing prizes for their customers.

Our Products

For consumers…
Annexio enables lottery players from around the world to choose their favourite numbers and automatically subscribe to their favourite lottery games, ensuring that they never miss a draw!

We also offer syndicate ticket entries, increasing your chances of victory by playing with groups of friends or colleagues.

For business…
Our proprietary lottery platform boasts its own unique pricing module, supported by robust management tools.  Our front end API makes for a flexible system through which our partners can compose their guest sites.

Our business support system is setup to manage and run your lottery business, able to produce detailed reports about player retention and acquisition.

How to reach us

By post:

Annexio Limited,
Anglo International House,
Level 6, Isle of Man,
IM1 4LN, British Isles.

By telephone:

For general enquiries please contact

Opening hours:

We’re open from Monday to Friday, normal office hours at 9:00AM until 5:00PM. We are not open on weekends of bank holidays.

Secret Hotels

Ready to book your secret hotel?

top secret are the official booking agent for all Secret Hotels, if you’re ready to book, you can visit the official booking page here.

What are Secret Hotels?
Luxury hotels across the globe are selling off unsold rooms at a significant discount, the only catch is that the person booking the room will not know the precise name of the hotel until their booking is complete…

As frequent travelers ourselves, we can appreciate the uncertainty that this brings… That’s why our reviews are the most detailed on the web. In fact, we’ll even tell you how to spend all those extra pennies you’ve saved by going into great detail about attractions and restaurants in the local area.

Of course, we can never reveal the actual name of a mystery hotel… But by providing you with the location, star rating, and nearby attractions, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed when you book through

How do our reviews work?
For every hotel we give you the location, star rating and full rundown of the facilities on offer. Then, most importantly, we tell you what you can expect to find close to your hotel. We break this down into the following categories…

For Families
We spend a great deal of time finding fun and energetic ideas that suit both parents and family.

For Romance
From riverboat dining to breath-taking views, our team has searched high and low to find the best ways to spend time with that significant other.

For Culture
Galleries, museums, theater…. Do your trip justice by experiencing the local culture away from the comfort of your hotel.

For Shopping
Get the most from your retail therapy by visiting the number 1 shopping spots. Simple.

For Eating Out
We have writers in every city we cover, we also search reviews and travel forums extensively to bring you the best eateries wherever you are.

For Nightlife
For every destination we’ll find you a place where you can sing, laugh or dance the night away. Just add good company!

Check out Secret Hotels here.

Fuels of the Future

Most consumers of fuels are aware of the major fuels we all use like petrol and diesel. Across the world, fuel prices are on the rise and concerns over pollution are growing too. Petrol and diesel are quite old fashioned fuels that we extract from crude oil. These fuels are burnt and they give off gases, some which harm the environment.

Petrol is the main fuel that powers cars. Petrol is a very flammable liquid and it is used widely across the world. In the eighties, petrol used to contain lead but soon unleaded fuels replaced lead based fuels. Petrol in its greener form still produces hydro carbons (environment polluting chemicals) so car manufactures are frantically trying to develop fuels that are pollution free. Continue reading

Flying made Simple

When ever you go on a flight, many things are happening around you that you may never have noticed. Let’s have a look at what happens as we leave the ground.

1. Before any passengers even leave the terminal, the aircraft is undergoing its pre flight checks, this is where the captain and co pilot check the aircrafts systems and plot the route they will be taking.

2. Once the passengers are onboard, further checks are made. These are usually calculations of the amount of fuel needed as the total weight being carried will now be known.

Continue reading